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Reshaping the world through the convergence of




Ace EdVenture Biosphere aim to reshape the world through the convergence of Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship. 

Thus our K-12 Learning Institution dedicated to create sustainable environment, in which each learner is fully equipped with required skills for the 21st century while creating concepts into sustainable business opportunities as an environmental entrepreneur.

Education. Environment. Entrepreneurship.

Preparing your children in these areas will get them ready for more than a job as future industries will demand the convergence of these three areas.

An Environment for the Environment

The learning spaces are purposefully designed with biophilia and nature technology so that your children have real life tactile learning experiences.

United Towards Global Sustainability

Imagine your children working on school projects that have global relevance geared towards the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

NatureTech Focused Learning

ACE Green Heroes will be exposed to real-world environmental problems to solve and they’ll be facilitated with the tools and skills that will empower them from ideation to bringing their ideas and products to the market.
nature-tech focused learning

Hybrid Learning

Coming 2021
Embracing the new normal of borderless collaboration enables your child to solve problems bigger, better, faster, cheaper, safer and definitely greener.

ACE EdVenture Biosphere is OPEN for August intakes