On top of the Cambridge academic subjects and our Skills Enhancement subjects, the differentiator at ACE EdVenture Biosphere is NatureTech Focused Learning integrated into regular schooling days, where students will be facilitated and have ample opportunity work on their environmental projects, businesses, and collaborations.

nature-tech focused learning

NatureTech Focused Learning

ACE Green Heroes will explore board project areas and topics surrounding sustainability. They will also be trained and equipped with skills to come out with alternatives and solutions for the environment.

Skills Enhancement & The Arts

We believe in a holistic learning approach so our ACE Green Heroes will also have an equal chance to discover and develop their talent and passion in other non-academic activities.

Academic and Sports

ACE Green Heroes will also have their foundations set strong both mentally and physically via our world class Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and also a wide range of sports activities.


ACE EdVenture proprietary gamified and thematic learning model that aims to grow job creators and investors of the future via exposing Ace Green Heroes to many different areas of expertise and interests.

ACE EdVenture Biosphere is OPEN for August intakes